First official site visit at the new research building

On March 29th we had the pleasure to get the first tour through the almost fully erected new research building. It is very impressive to see this place now grow fast and we were told, that the builders are only a few days behind schedule due to some frosty days, while it was planned to process some concrete.

Prof. Erdmann Spieker from CENEM and Dr. Ralf Palmisano (OICE) standing on the first floor of what is to become Prof. Spiekers office, with the site to become Dr. Palmisano's office in the background. Obviously both are looking forward to start co-operations between the electron and the light microscopy unit.

1st OPEN DAY Great Success

This was it. The 1st open day @ OICE. More than 60 participants made their way to the keynote lecture given by Dr. Ulrike Endesfelder, from the MPI Terrestrial Microbiology talking about Single Molecule Localisation Microscopy. Dr. Endesfelder gave us the pleasure to share latest yet unpublished fascinating data from her group. That was appreciated very well from the audience. This was followed by 5 inspiring short talks. The demo sessions were also very well looked after, before people gathered for some nice food and drinks to talk.

Intravital Zeiss 880 NLO Airyscan with DeepSee Laser Arrived

We are happy to announce that the one of its kind set-up for intravital imaging has arrived and OICE will deliver courses for our users quite soon. It is a custom build setup with Carl Zeiss and Spectra-Physics. The basis is a Zeiss 880 Axioimager fixed stage NLO system, with an Airyscan detector and non-descanned detector directly built into the turret at the backplane opening of the objective lens. This you will not loose a single photon emerging from your intravital samples while using MP excitation. The DeepSee laser delivers a tunable range from 680 up to 1300 nm and a fixed wavelength at 1040 nm. This will certainly enable FAU and adjacent user to perform uncrompomised deep tissue and intravital imaging.

Ground-Breaking Ceremony for New Research Building

On May 6th ground-breaking ceremony took place for the new research builidng of the Interdsciplinary Centre for Nanostructured Surfaces. Representatives from the Friedrich-Alexander University, the City of Erlangen, the State of Bavaria and the Ministry of Science and Education from the German Goverment made their way to celebrate. With a bright blue sky and a warm summer like breeze the representatives and honorary guests were all smiles. The combined effort of 40 million Euro we lead to a unique assembly of different approache on nano structures and their develepoment. OICE will be the major permanent user of this new building covering approximately one quarter of the floor space. More information in german are accessible here. We are absolutly delighted and are looking forward to the second half of 2018 when we hopefully will be moving into our then new home.

Ground-Breaking Ceremony View of contruction site President of FAU Prof. J. Horrnegger The inevitable talks The inevitable talks

First Intra-European Imaging Workshop hosted at OICE

As OICE is part of the ETN MAGICBULLET, consortium within the Horizon 2020 MSCA excellence initiative, we are happy to have had the first imaging workshop for the ESRs from four different european countries within the EU. The workshop took place March 7th - 11th.

ESRs from the Magicbullet consortium


Some obviously happy ESRs from the consortium enjoyed a packed week of imaging and sunshine!

New Cell Line for RESOLFT Super Resolution Imaging Arrived

We are happy to announce that OICE can offer to make use of a phantastic cell line for your Resolft super-resolution imaging that is stable transformed with Vimentin-rsEGFP2. This is agenerous gift by Prof. Stefan Jakobs from the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Goettingen. If you are interested in using it at OICE, please contact a member of staff.