Imaging Systems


Localisation of Microscopes

OICE works with in-house imaging systems at the Kussmaul Campus and a pool of instruments that are hosted in different locations (de-localised) within the FAU.

In-house microscopes

Abberior 3D STED 2-Channel Super Resolution Microscope & Resolft

Leica SP5 II Fast Resonant Scanner

Leica DMi8 TIRF Widefield Fluorescence Microscope

Zeiss Spinning Disc Axio Observer Z1

Zeiss LSM880 NLO Intravital Microscope Airyscan

LaVision UltraMicroscope II Light Sheet Microscope

Zeiss Celldiscoverer 7

iSCAT single molecule imaging Microscope

De-localised OICE managed microscopes

Leica SP8 AOBS DIVE Lightning FALCON (AG B. Kost)

Zeiss 780 (AG Ch. Alzheimer)

Leica SP5 II (AG M. Frasch)

LaVision TriMscope II (AG O. Friedrich)

De-localised individually managed

Zeiss Axio Observer 710 (AG Brandst├Ątter)

Zeiss Axio Examiner 780 (AG Brandst├Ątter)

Zeiss 710 with Ariyscan (AG F. Engel)

Leica SP5 II (AG B. Fabry)

Nikon TiE Epifluorescence Ultrafast-Calcium imaging (AG O. Friedrich)

Nikon TiE Epifluorescence Ultrafast (AG O. Friedrich)

Self assembled PALM/STORM Microscope (MPL-MPG)

Nikon TIE (AG J. Winkler)

Nikon TIE TIRF (AG J. Winkler)